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Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

Very fortuitously! Following my residency in internal medicine, I did a second residency in preventive medicine & public health, where I had the chance to work on a variety of projects involving research, writing, and medical education.

I really enjoyed this, and as I started to consider my career plans post-residency, I was hoping that I’d be able to find a position where I could continue that kind of work.

Around that time, having never heard of AMBOSS before, I stumbled across an ad for it somewhere online. …

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

I used to work as an engineering manager in the Aerospace Industry, but when Covid hit the sector pretty hard, I decided it was a good time to take a bit of a career break.

I was quite into hobby coding so I spent some time doing online courses and projects in Python, and a few other languages, and posted a few on LinkedIn.

The Head of Data at AMBOSS picked up on them and we got chatting. She was expanding her team and needed someone to come in to help run some of the bigger projects. …

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

I heard about AMBOSS from a friend, who has introduced me to the company. The impression was very good, and I was waiting for the perfect role to be open for me to apply.

I have been supporting various startups in Berlin for three and a half years, but I’ve never had a chance to work with a product I adore so much, until I joined AMBOSS.

What surprised me the most is the amount of care the people give here. I joined AMBOSS during very difficult times— it was April 2020, during the first lockdown in Berlin.

From day…

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

A friend actually referred me to the then much smaller team. Because there were only 5 on the People team, I was lucky enough to meet each member individually during the interview process, and instantly connected with the team.

We have since grown to seventeen within People and Talent!

I unashamedly adore my job :)

2021 is the first year where talent operations have been part of our team structure. As Talent Operations Partner, a significant challenge for me has been building a framework with the talent team to set about using data to drive the hiring process.

For the…

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

I used to work as a QA Engineer for about 12–13 years. I realized that the things I liked most about the job were helping the teams and people I worked with to improve. This led me to wanting to transition to be an agile coach.

My plan was to find a new QA job in a bigger growing company where I would hopefully slowly transition to coaching. I had prepared this process to take a couple of years.

I applied as a QA Engineer at AMBOSS and had the nicest and most comfortable interview I’ve ever had (props to…

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

When Virva (another product designer at AMBOSS with whom I used to work) told me about the AMBOSS products, company culture and people, I got quite excited about the prospect of joining the team. I felt that I could contribute to the mission and learn in the role. Luckily, AMBOSS also thought I could be a good fit. 🙂

There is a sense of purpose, and everyone on the team is very driven and seems to be truly enjoying showing up at work. …

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

I signed up for AMBOSS as a user in the summer of 2019 because I wanted to use it as a study resource for my Facharztprüfung (exam to become a board-certified internist).

When scrolling through the news, I came across the job ad and it seemed like a perfect fit. I’d be able to use my medical knowledge to help med school graduates settle into their new roles as doctors, and provide them with a tool that I would very much have liked to have when I first started out as a resident. …

Getting the know the people building AMBOSS

I come from a medical family, so when I was approached by the in-house Executive Recruiter I jumped at the chance to join — remotely at first, but it hasn’t stopped us achieving major progress in all things talent.

AMBOSS is still relatively unknown outside of the medical field, especially when it comes to tech talent or indeed anything non-medical.

The greatest challenge for us is the never-ending hunt for the right talent — we work predominantly within the Berlin market and outside of the medical profession.

To combat this shortage we have to map out the market better, actively…

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

I came to AMBOSS 2016 via my Masters program in Scientific Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. Our head of the department distributed information about the job, and it sounded so interesting that I just had to apply (even though I was about to start writing my Master thesis and had not finished my studies yet).

The whole company gave me the impression of an innovative startup with engaged people and fascinating projects to work on. When I got accepted after my interview, I was very happy to have found a workplace like this.

My favorite project…

Getting to know the people building AMBOSS

I’ve been designing and developing digital products for over twenty years, including in places like the Bay Area, London and now Berlin. Over that last decade, it has become increasingly important for me to contribute my expertise to mission driven companies who are looking to impact our world positively — which I was able to do over the past few years in online education and the emerging health technology space.

I jumped when the opportunity at AMBOSS popped up on my LinkedIn feed, as only a few companies combine innovation in both education and clinical decision support at global scale…


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