Introducing the AMBOSS football team!

An Interview with Ryan Colaço, Physician Business Consultant and Squad Member of the 2021 AMBOSS FC team

Hi Ryan, great to meet you today to chat about the AMBOSS football (soccer) team! Would you mind introducing yourself?

We’re a team of casual, but enthusiastic, football-playing AMBOSSians. Our team has been competing in Berlin’s corporate league since 2018 and everyone’s invited to join!

Tell us more about the corporate league and who you compete against.

We began by playing in the Urban Sports League (sponsored by — surprise! — Urban Sports). When COVID put a permanent stop to this specific league, a new league was created by a former employee of Urban Sports: the Berlin Start-Up League, which kicked-off once vaccines brought some normalcy back to local sports.

Haha, why do you think that is?

Probably because we are just so damn cool 😁

How many AMBOSSians are playing on the team?

We have around 21 officially registered players from different departments. It’s a mixed bunch and everyone’s welcome to join! When we play a match, we rotate between registered players, so everyone gets their turn. However, that also means our performance fluctuates a little, depending on how the team is put together and how well they know each other.

How has your performance developed over the last three years?

Honestly, when we first started in the Urban Sports League, we were…pretty bad!

What do AMBOSSians who want to join need to know?

Join our slack channel #football-miamed — we’re always looking for new people to join!

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