An interview with Sarah Plack, Market Lead for German students

What has been your favorite project at AMBOSS so far?

My favorite project at AMBOSS is running right now - and it is the German Self-Assessment for M1. We have an incredible sign-up rate of over 75% of the total cohort and I am really excited to bring this to life for them. By offering this assessment I believe we will be able to make a huge jump in our M1 market share and I am really excited that everyone on this project is so committed to make it work despite a really tough timeframe. It is really aspirational - but the team atmosphere is incredibly positive and goal-oriented.

What is your personal mantra?

I am a person who always tries to give 150% if possible. One of the things that I really love is when I am confronted with something that I cannot do yet, I always challenge myself to find a way and figure out how I can learn this specific skill. This is very important to me because I truly believe that when you face the problem you can always gain the skill that you need to actually get rid of the problem.

What's great about being a market lead?

For me it’s a very special situation because I don’t have a team to lead. As market lead for DE students, I am in contact with every other department that has to do with German students and I am involved in all the topics respectively. What I love about this position is that I am part of the teams while not being, and I always know what incredible work they all do. I can participate in my own way and can help them coordinate better. It is a really cross-functional and communication-loaded job and I have quite a lot of team meetings, 1o1s and project alignments. Basically, I am responsible for ensuring that the individual departments are aligned on their projects and that they have everything they need to do their own projects best. It can be challenging sometimes but I love how holistic this approach to managing markets is.

How did you land at AMBOSS?

Well, honestly speaking, I didn’t really look for a job at all at that moment. But then AMBOSS contacted me via LinkedIn and the moment I read it I was intrigued because I had learned with AMBOSS myself for my hammer exams years ago, so I was immediately super interested to see what has happened at AMBOSS since then. That actually brought me in the discussion and then talking with Madjid Salimi I understood both the vision and the mission that the company has. I saw the broad picture they have in mind for how they want to shape the future of healthcare, not only in Germany but worldwide. This really hooked me.

What has surprised you the most during the time you’ve been working for AMBOSS?

I think that something that’s really unique to the company and a value we should keep high is that people are very honest about their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve never in my life seen a company where people are so open about where they struggle and what they cannot do well yet. With my background I have often seen environments that were rather like “fake it till you make it” and AMBOSS is quite the opposite. This also gives me the opportunity to say I feel absolutely confident if I don’t know something right now. I feel this is absolutely ok to say and this way it is also so much easier to learn something because you don’t have to worry that someone will find out that you don’t know it. It is alright not to know and this is something really rare in companies and we definitely should keep it this way.

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered within your first few months at AMBOSS?

I think that the challenges many people face right now are limited resources and this also applies to me. We have a lot of really ambitious and motivated people here with great targets, so there are a lot of fantastic ideas about what we could possibly do and develop further. But especially in the German students market and in other departments we do have some capacity limits which is a challenge and it’s likely going to stay a challenge for a while. But I’m positive that we’ll be able to work around with the capacities we have.



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