Women’s History Month with Leonie Klaumünzer

What are you most proud of achieving in your medical career?

First off, you’re proud when you’ve completed six years of medical school. Six years that required a lot of discipline at times.

But what I’m actually most proud of is that I dared to listen to my gut feeling. I left a predefined path to get to know the world outside of hospitals and direct patient care.

The last few months at AMBOSS have been so rewarding in so many ways that I wouldn’t want to miss this experience. It’s very empowering when you try something completely new by trusting your strengths and realize the decision was worth it.

I’ll be really proud at the end if I can keep this curiosity and strength further in my career.

What brings you hope for the future of the medical industry?

Digitalization in the medical industry brings me hope. I have much hope that digitalization in teaching will lead to medical students and doctors having access to up-to-date medical information all over the world. Not only in western countries, but also and above all in disadvantaged countries.

As a bit of a feminist, I also have hope for women in medicine. Women are the majority of the new generation of doctors. There are more and more networks and associations that advocate for women in the medical industry, and vote for better working conditions in our hospitals. I believe that system change is necessary, and I have hope that this change will also improve patient care.

What advice would you give to folks working (or just starting their careers) in the medical industry?

I have some advice that’s probably also relevant outside of the medical industry. Look for role models you can learn from. However, choose them wisely, according to your own values, and think carefully about which people you take advice from ;-)

Most of the time your gut feeling is the best advisor.




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Empowering all doctors to provide the best possible care. Join our team: amboss.com/us/jobs

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