Women’s History Month with Lina Glaser

In March, we’re celebrating the contributions of women in history and contemporary society. We’ll be sharing short interviews with women at AMBOSS about their careers in medicine and technology.

What are you most proud of achieving in your career?

I’m proud that I get to do a job that I truly enjoy. I feel valued and just right in my current position as product manager for the clinician product at AMBOSS.

The field I work in truly makes an impact: we empower doctors to provide the best possible care. My team and I focus on providing doctors with efficient, evidence-based pharmaceutical information for their clinical practice.

What brings you hope for the future of the medical industry?

I get to experience the value (and myths) of software solutions for clinical practice first-hand. The potential is huge, and therefore this field is trending. Yet, it’s highly complex and poses high demands to product design. Close collaboration of people with extremely diverse backgrounds is key to creating value here.

The quantity of medical knowledge is also exploding. While a physician’s time is limited (~8 minutes per patient), it’s impossible to be up to date with all the latest best practices in all fields. Physicians act under immense pressure, know a lot, are curious and motivated to live up to expectations, but the immense need of knowledge, rapid changes in recommendations and the way healthcare systems are set up, really pushes them to their limits leading to errors, burnout, or worse.

I’m not only hopeful, but convinced that AMBOSS can become a doctor’s digital companion in clinical practice, with relevant insights available most efficiently at a glance. Imagine a future where errors with critical effect on the health of the patients, defensive medical decision making, and malpractice are decreased, because physicians can (and do) double check or research quickly when in doubt.

What advice would you give to folks working (or just starting their careers) in medtech?

Be curious — always. Reach out to your users and invest in deeply understanding their needs. Listen. Put yourself in their shoes. Shadow them.

This is key, not only to successfully come up with valuable solutions, but also to stay motivated and passionate. While this is a basic expectation for product and design professionals, it’s also true for engineers.




Empowering all doctors to provide the best possible care. Join our team: amboss.com/us/jobs

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Empowering all doctors to provide the best possible care. Join our team: amboss.com/us/jobs

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